Mental Health Services

Had enough of repeating your story, over and over again?  Visited every health professional you can find, looking for the right outcomes? Horses are highly intuitive and have the innate ability to sense people’s true feelings and to mirror what they see. Our team of Equine Specialist, Mental Health Professional and horses will help you achieve your goals. Call us now.

Learning with Horses

Looking to develop life and social skills? Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) focuses on personal growth and/or a group’s specific learning and/or educational goals. You may have a group that has become disengaged. EAL focuses on doing, not just talking. The minute you enter the paddock with the horses everyone is engaged in some way. Call us to discuss your needs.

Team Building

Looking for an interesting and memorable approach to developing your team? Move your team out of the office and into nature for a unique experience. Horses innate intuition allows them to provide instant feedback by reacting to the behaviours and energy they are experiencing. When your team changes their approach, the horses respond instantly. Call us to discuss transforming your group into a highly effective team.

Mental Health and Personal Development Services Incorporating Horses

Horse Sense for Humans provides a revolutionary approach that effectively impacts positive change by including horse’s unique intuition into mental health and wellbeing programs.

Because our programs are delivered in a natural, farm setting, it allows for the healing and restorative effects of time spent in nature which benefits both mental and physical wellbeing.

We believe in our clients and the unique abilities of our horses to unlock a person’s innate ability to find their own solutions, regain control of their lives, and create lasting solutions.

Our programs provide participants with a hands-on, experiential, approach for personal growth. The activities with the horses are uniquely designed to represent our real-life stories where the space and horses can become symbols reflecting one's challenges in life.

Our stories matter and when we change our stories and how we interact with the horses, the horses respond differently. This helps people see how their behaviour impacts on the outside world.

Horse Sense For Humans' programs are unique because we utilize a therapeutic team approach comprised of a Qualified Mental Health Professional, a Qualified Equine Professional and horses in every session. Our professionals are trained in the Arenas for Change (ARCH) and Eagala Model facilitation frameworks with over 14 years experience in delivering mental health and equine assisted services.

All session activities are ground based, which do not involve any horse riding and prior experience with horses is not necessary.

How Horses Can Help You

  • Horses are social animals and they have defined roles within their herd.
  • Herd relationships are similar to the relationships in people’s lives.
  • Horses are highly sensitive and stay safe by paying close attention to their environment.
  • Horses are naturally intuitive and sensitive to our non-verbal messages, even unconscious ones. This can lead to powerful learning and life-changing insights
  • They sense people’s true feelings and react to that energy, giving immediate, honest, non-judgemental feedback.
  • It takes work to connect with a horse and find a way to develop a relationship with them based on trust- the same as in our own personal lives.
  • Horses have helped people who were not able to find help elsewhere

All activities are ground based. There is no riding involved and no prior experience with horses is necessary




"First impression was of being in an absolutely beautiful environment. I started to relax and enjoy being in such a glorious place. It didn’t take long to feel welcome and confident and ready to start. I was reassured with the commitment to respect, safety and privacy. I left feeling lighter, as though I had rid myself of the old and looking forward to the new! So much in this process can benefit people." SV

“My 10 year old daughter has ASD, high anxiety, low confidence and low self-esteem. Since attending the EAP sessions, her confidence has grown so much. She has learnt to read non-verbal cues and grown emotionally. She is more confident in speaking to her peers at school, and occasionally speaking in front of her class.” TJ

“We have used this program with students who suffered from behavioural problems, mental health disorders and autism. As little as one session could demonstrate an improvement in behaviour, attitude and re-engagement back into education. I highly recommend this program. You will be amazed at the results it can deliver.” MH-CEO Connect

"Nothing was forced, everything was at your own pace No pressure-it was great to feel included without having to “stretch” my safety limit. I came with an open mind, left feeling a weight had been lifted. Beautiful environment. Fabulous-perfect setting to enjoy the experience. Has an awesome energy, relaxing and inviting. Perfect, tranquil, beautiful." Group feedback

“Participating in this program has assisted in achieving outcomes for our clients that include, believing in themselves and their abilities, having a clear vision and direction regarding their education, training and employment pathways, forming positive relationships with their family and community and taking responsibility for their own actions.” JM-NORTEC Youth Connections Case Worker.

“There was a clear sense of the group growing in cohesion. They grew in confidence, faced fears, found an outlet for attachment and found opportunities to support and encourage each other. Young people accessing equine therapy benefit as they work through issues of depression, boundary setting, protective behaviours, childhood trauma and grief and loss.” TF-Reconnect Case Manager