Youth Skills For Life

This program is an Eagala model Equine Assisted Learning group program providing social skills training for young people.

The six (90 minute) Equine Assisted Learning sessions are centred on the following core topics:

Trust and respect– developing healthy boundaries and respecting others

Relationship skills– dealing with peer pressure, bullying and family dynamics

Personality– identifying personal strengths and growth areas

Motivation and goals– achieving success through personal responsibility, self-motivation and goal planning

Anger management– learning self-regulation, negotiation and conflict resolution

Choice and consequence– taking control of one’s future through healthy choices and understanding the consequences of poor choices.


Youth Can Benefit from Working With Horses Because:

The same communication patterns used to gain cooperation with people are also used with the horses.

Horses have a strong social order in their herd similar to human relationships. Young people’s survival in social settings is dependent upon getting along with their own “herd”.

Horses live in the present and respond to exactly who we are in the moment.

Horses give immediate, honest, non-judgmental feedback and reflect back what they read in human body language.

When the group changes, the horses respond differently. This is where the learning occurs.

All activities are ground based and do not involve any horse riding. No prior horse experience is necessary.

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