Horses Helping Humans Grow

Equine Assisted Learning programs focus on incorporating horses experientially for educational and personal growth and development.

Equine Assisted Learning provides ground-based activities with the horses which are designed to meet a group or individual’s specific learning skills or educational goals.

Alternative approaches are used to engage and create positive learning experiences for children, youth and adults.

Horses are social animals and have defined roles within their herds. These herd relationships are similar to the relationships in people’s lives.

The horses provide opportunities for metaphorical learning which also creates a natural learning opportunity for clients to examine their own relationships.

Equine Assisted Learning sessions are unique. Even people with no horse experience or who are afraid of horses can take part.

Sessions do not involve any horse riding, activities are all ground based.


Equine Assisted Learning Focuses On:

Building self-esteem

Developing personal confidence

Learning the value of non-verbal communication

Trust – in self and in others

Establishing personal boundaries

Building relationships with family and others

Understanding the true value of leadership

Creative thinking and problem solving for everyday life

Goal setting, planning and actions to achieve those goals

Finding your inner motivation and experiencing change

Self respect and respect for others to gain the most out of your life

Understanding how to manage anger and become resilient when confronted

Equine Assisted Learning Can Benefit:

Individuals for personal growth and development

Groups in understanding the real value of working together

Youth at risk to understand the impact their behaviour has on others

School students dealing with bullying

Disengaged youth to rekindle their enthusiasm for life

Not for profit, community based organizations, by adding value to their clients

Individuals and groups seeking confidence and leadership skills

Sessions are available by appointment only.