Horses Helping Humans Succeed

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy is a hands-on form of psychotherapy where the emphasis is on doing not talking.

The experiential sessions encourage clients to find their own solutions which can create accelerated and long term change.

The activities with the horses are ground-based and reflect real life situations.

The horses will often become symbols for the people, issues and challenges in the client’s life.

This enables clients to recognize unhealthy patterns, build on their personal strengths and change their lives.

When clients change, the horses immediately respond differently. This is where the learning occurs.

EAP sessions are unique. Even people with no horse experience or who are afraid of horses can take part.

Sessions do not involve any horse riding since all the activities with the horses are ground based.

EAP sessions are suitable for individuals, groups, couples and families.


What Can You Expect In A Session?

Each session has a team of a mental health professional, equine specialist and horses

Sessions take place in an arena or horse paddock

There will be one or more horses for you to work with

There is no horse riding and prior horse experience is not necessary

You will have time to get acquainted with the horses at your own pace

You will participate in ground-based activities with the horses

Each session is unique

Each session is driven by your specific agenda

Processing is centred around observations of what the horses are doing in the moment

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Can Help You With:



Social skills





Anxiety reduction

Creative freedom


Anger management


Young teenage girlfriends  working and having fun at a Horse stall. Part of a series of images with horses and teen girls.

EAP Can Help People Diagnosed With:

Anxiety and stress




Domestic violence

Grief and loss

Social and behavioural disorders


Autistic Spectrum Disorder

Eating disorders

Substance abuse


Sessions are available by appointment only.