Mothers – Daughters and Horses

Is a special two hour Eagala model Equine Assisted Learning program for mothers and their daughters.

What would spending some very special time with your daughter mean for both of you?

What would it be like to share some of that quality time with horses?

This Equine Assisted Learning program has the potential to create new opportunities for mothers and daughters to connect in an amazing way through interacting with horses.

The program is open to mothers and daughters aged eight years and over.

All of our activities are ground based. There is no horse riding involved and no prior experience with horses is necessary.


Relaxing, Laughing and Connecting with Horses to:

Enhance the mother/daughter connection through better understanding

Explore the world of communication through the eyes of a horse

Experience problem solving with horses included in your team

Engage in activities with the horses to help increase self confidence for you both.

Gain an understanding of horse herd dynamics and how that may relate to family dynamics.

Spaces for this program are limited. Contact us today to secure your place.

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