Parenting from the Paddock

This Eagala model Equine Assisted Learning program takes parenting skills training out of the classroom and into the paddock.

This program will help parents learn and practice the skills needed to cope with the struggles of bringing up children.

Working with a herd of horses who have a will of their own and a social order similar to humans, provides an opportunity to experience, first hand, what works and what does not work.

Horses are living, breathing, feeling and sometimes frustrating beings who look for clear leadership, clear communication and clear boundaries.

People tend to treat horses the same way they treat people, and the same communication patterns used to gain cooperation with people are also used with horses.

The horses will give honest, non-judgmental feedback. When the parenting technique changes the horses respond differently. This is where the learning occurs.


Parenting from the Paddock will help parents to increase:

Empathy– seeing the world from your child’s perspective

Developmental understanding– learning your child’s level physically, socially, and emotionally

Nurturing– supporting and encouraging your child

Solid communication skills– stopping and listening

Boundary setting– developing respect and trust

Leadership– learning how to lead

Confidence– belief in self as a parent

All the activities with the horses are ground based and do not involve any horse riding. Even people with no horse experience or who are afraid of horses are welcome to take part.

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